Alert: Reborn of the Nationalism (lead to wars)警號:民族主義的重生 (引發戰爭)

From the beginning of the 2020’s, it is very likely that nationalism has reborn again throughout the world, especially the most powerful nations! I will not explain too much because of some reasons, but you can find most resources and explaination from history and google etc! 從2020年開始,民族主義極有可能在全世界重生,尤其是最強大的國家!由於某些原因,我不會過多解釋,但是您可以從歷史和谷歌等中找到大多數資源和解釋!

Reason 原因:

  1. The covid 19 epidemic:

From the beginning of 2020, covid19 has spread to the whole world and cannot…




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Jackchun jcjc

Jackchun jcjc

Interesting online earning experience & strategies !

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